International Girl child day :11th of October

BY Khyatee Bashyav

International day of girl child is celebrated on 11 th of October ,to empower girls for their bright future it seems ,but the thing is they should not be empowered .Let us empower oneself first and leave the girls to live their life how they want.

This day sounds like a fun day to celebrate everything good about being young and female ,but the celebration and the reason behind the celebration is much deeper than this.

The initial celebration come nearly a year after the United Nations General Assembly adopted resolution 66/170-an agreement which enable the UN General Assembly to declare "October 11" as International Day of the Girl child.

The reason behind the celebration of International day of the girls exist to recognise girl rights and the unique challenges girl's face all over the world .The day aims to shed light on all the reasons we ,as global society need to address the challenges ,biases,dangers and injustice,young girls deal with all over the world with particular focus on parts of globe where child marriage is widely practiced such as sub-saharan Africa,Latin America etc.

In India it is celebrated on 24 th of January.And various themes are taken to promote empowerment to young girls everywhere,while also advocating for attainment and awareness of rights and provisions .

Now,moving to the practical scenerio of today's dark reality,in one side we are having "Beti pardhao,Beti bachao"abhijan and on the other side the girls are being raped in a very high rate.

It is our 73 rd Independence day this year,but I don't think that girls of our Nation are save and secured in their own country ,even in our respective homes .There are many provisions in our constitution regarding all this but what can actually law do in case of people's mentality and intentions

It is just like in one side goddess Durga ,maa saraswati are being worshipped and just next to that,girls are being raped.Even a 2-3 years old girls are raped ,today also we remember what Nirvaya gang raped took place on 2012 !!Basic changes came to our constitution but is there in change in pele mentality or does rape is being reduced ? The answer is a big No.

A very recent example - In "Hathras"district a girl is being gang raped brutally and assaulted,she is of 19 years old .