Mother's Day

By Banhishikha Maity

Oh Mother!!!

How beautiful are you!

As I walk through the journey of my life,

I can remember how can you helped me to in every steps of my life,

You helped me to grow with love, truth, care and honesty,

You taught me to choose the right path with values, morals, and self worth , self confidence, courage.

I can remember how you taught me to do the right things and to choose right path,

I remember how you gave me dreams with hope and full confidence,

You made me who I am today....

Without your help and support I am nothing,

You are not forgotten,


A word that means the world to me...

Without you every second of my life is impossible for me,

Everyday is Mother's Day to me ,

Because of your magical touch in my life.

In our joy or sad distress,

With a ready hand to fless,

Nothing grander that I know.

Lights the path of life fellow,

Than a Mother's love!!