World Tourism and Its Significance

BY Soumit Ghosh Chaudhury

“The world is a book and those who do not travel, read only a page”, said by Saint Augustine. He simply means that the world is a mystery of adventures, which is about the nature and will not be revealed to an individual if he or she does not travel. Though, this was said in the years of Anno Domini but is still relevant in our present day too. The importance of travelling remains or stays in every era or in every stage of life for it feeds mankind’s ever growing curiosity.

To feed this curiosity; since 1980, the United Nations World Tourism Organization has celebrated World Tourism Day as international observations on September 27th. But, the simple that pokes our brain is that we need a specific month for tourism or travel? Or, ultra enthusiasts will ask,” Why only one month?”

The answer to this is that this month is not only given to travel or tourism but is also used to raise awareness on the role of tourism within the international community. The month demonstrates how tourism affects social life, cultural traditions and heritages, political and economical values worldwide. It also gives huge employment to those who want travelling to be their occupation. This also adds to the ‘World Peace’, but how? The basic communal unrest in the society is only because lack of knowledge about various cultural traditions or heritages (of different communities and countries) which brings a natural dilemma among the common minds. And, if people travel more and more then they will be able to know the cultures then think about them and settle the matters of controversy.

With tourism, this month also carries certain motto or goals to achieve. And, every year a country is chosen to celebrate or organise the tourism with a specific goal or motto which has to exercise throughout the world. Like, for example, India was the host for 2019 World Tourism Month (or, Day) and the motto was ‘Tourism and Jobs: A better future for all ‘. The goal was to maximise the potential of tourism, to increase jobs, especially for youth and women and to discover new opportunities and new things. Similarly, in 2020 Djibouti and Addis Ababa were selected as the host cities and nations for celebration of World Tourism Day, 2020 on the theme- Tourism: Building Peace! Fostering Knowledge! As I have already mentioned, tourism adds peace, harmony and knowledge to our daily life.

In today’s world, World Tourism or travelling is not for only challenging our limits or make new discoveries but also a festival which we celebrate for the sake of our content and happiness, so let’s celebrate this month. I would like to conclude by quoting John Steinbeck, who said,” people don’t take trips-trips take people”.